Professional Plastering & Painting

Plastering for both residential and commercial spaces

A-1 PAM provides full-service-plastering for both residential and commercial spaces.  For any job big or small, we believe that adequate preparation is crucial to producing the highest quality service and results. With all our plastering jobs – we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and results!

We pride ourselves on a clean and neat approach to every job.  We protect furniture, trim, floor, and other rooms from dust and debris during the repair process.  Our tarps are professionally washed on a regular basis.  We cover or tape doorways to isolate the rest of your home against dust and debris.  And we always keep the work area clean and neat during the job.

When the work is done, we leave your home in better condition than when we arrived.  There will be no cleaning, no garbage bags filled with old plaster workers “forgot” to take away, no dust or dirt.  You will be left knowing you had the best service that the Chicago area has to offer.

Different Types of Plaster

  • Plaster over Wire-­lath
  • Plaster over Wood­-lath
  • Plaster over Rock­-lath
  • Plaster over Blue­-board
  • Skim Coating

Plaster over Wood-­lath and Wire-­lath are the oldest version of the wall.  We don’t use plaster over Wood-lath these days, because it is the weakest method out of these four.  Plaster over Rock-­lath was very popular in homes from 1950’s and 1960’s.  The most popular version of plaster these days is plaster over the Blue-board.  Plaster over Wire-­lath, Wood­-lath and Rock­-lath needs to cure for 1-week before being painted.

Our Painting Services

Even a little painting project can highly improve the appearance of your house and increase your property value giving it a great new look. A-1 PAM provides high quality, reliable and productive services from painting the walls in a single room to taking care of all the coatings in a large remodeling or custom construction project.  Our goal is to meet your highest expectations and provide the best possible personalized service we can.

You should expect the best from us, not just a roller and a bucket of paint.  Most people can do that without us.  We will paint entire color schemes for parts of your home, or for individual rooms, doors, stairways, etc.  After all, white is so very much out of style.

We offer a wide variety painting services and specialize in sponging, striping, ragging, rubbing and dozens of other techniques.  When you want to add some style and class to your home, faux-painting techniques can dramatically change your home’s appearance and ambiance, and also how you feel inside your own home. We think of different colors and techniques for your kitchen, and quite different for a study. We want to help you energize in your fitness room, and concentrate in the home library.  Believe it or not, but colors have been proven to have a great impact on human behavior.  The success of our business depends on satisfied customers.  So, we do everything we can to satisfy you. Therefore, not only do we offer the best possible craftsmanship, but also free estimates.

Plastering Services

  • Preparation work

  • Lath Installation

  • Drywall Installation

  • Rough & Finish Plaster

  • Cracks Repair

  • Water Damage Repair